Sunday, October 5, 2008

Any suggestions for veg and dessert?

Howdy kids. Scrubbie's still recoverin' from a whirlwind day of Geocaching yesterday. The brother-in-law has officially become addicted to caching. Didn't take long. So - he and his wee fart Whoagun and the kid and I all buggered off yesterday, with JR's spanky new Garmin in hand, to hit a few local caches. Dutchie and Dancer were apparently gone yesterday as well - just as the Wife was - so it was most definately a boys weekend all 'round. Gone for 5 hours and snagged a half dozen caches in all. Even managed to sneak in a trip to the local Mickie D's for a Big Mac. There's the caloric intake for the week.

So, Bing and Bong were sleepin' over last night. The took off early for Church this morning, but came a'rushing back the very moment they were home. Now - here again - all bouncin' on the trampoline. Got to get in a few good bounces while we can and before the weather turns.

So - Scrubbie's got sniffles today. I don't like it. No sir - don't like it at all.

Workin' on a wonderful welcome home dinner for the wife. Roasted chicken, sweet yams, some kinda veggie somethin' - dont know yet. Gonna hit the market and see what is there.

So - there ya go kids - a simple Sunday. Gawd - I love simple Sundays. Need coffee. Later Gater.

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