Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank-you for your support, my loyal Scrubs.

OMG - I cant stop!!!!! I've tried, but I just can't stop!!!

It's an addiction. It's a disease, really.

And, it's sooooo bad. I am hesitant to even bring it up on the blog here. BUT - the first step to any recovery is to admit it, right?

The Wife has urged me on. And, I can't thank her enough for the love and support she has given me through these terrible times.

I also know that YOU - the Scrubbie Nation - are behind me. Your notes of support of my digiscrapping and blogging have been so encouraging and, well, gosh darn it - swell.

I am, of course, speaking about ... *gulp....

Knight Rider.

*scrubbie wipes the tears away.

Yes, - this TV show is SO terrible BUT I just can't stop. Those moments of fantasy where I am sitting in the driver seat - foot heavy on the accelerator - very kewl flashy light thingy inside - nifty voice speaking to me... OH YA. It's a rush. It's so exciting. It's, it's, it's...... AAAAAAAAAACK!

So - tonight when I win the lottery draw in about a half hour - goin' out and gonna git me a kewl car JUST LIKE THAT ONE!!!!!!

In the meantime - a digital layout to keep me sane.

It's the Wife's grandmammy and grandpappy way back in 1938 on their hitchin' day. Apparently, as I am told, the wife's daddy was born not too long after. It's Scrubby-Scandolous!


Anonymous said...

LOL you crack me up!

You and my husband are obsessed with that show! I think it's just the car that is appealing!

Great layout btw!

teaching_texas said...


Your posts are the highlight of my day. When I read them, I am guaranteed a chuckle! Keep up the good work.

BTW, my parents were also married in Nov. 1938...on the 15th. I was born on the years later! My parents loved to tell that, and pause before the seven year later part! LOL

Have a great day,
Sharon from Texas

Kristine said...

The original was ALOT better even if it did have the Hoff ::rolls eyes::

I watched a few episodes of the new one but it just isnt the same...the cars are hot but it lacks a certain "cheese" factor..LOL

Have a great day!!