Monday, September 29, 2008

It's not Baywatch. Not even close.

Hellooooo boys & girls! How are ya'll tonight?

The Wife is out tonight. sniff. It's all quiet and lonely here. But, some tunes, some coffee, a little digiscrappin'... yep, I muddled through.

Heritage layouts are tons of fun. They sorta end up taking a life of their own. This one... Grand-daddy Scrubbie on the far right there. George. (Mamma Scrubbie's pappy). Then on the far left - that's George's brother Ossie/Oswald. Then, smack dab in the middle there - that's Great Grandma Scrubbie - Bridget.

BY NO MEANS am I dissing the ol' girl there in the middle - but if you look real close - doesn't she just look like the kinda gal that would put you in your place pretty quick! Yep - don't think I'd wanna get caught with my hand in the cookie jar with her lookin' on. No siree-bob. Don't have a date for the pic being taken. Mamma Scrubbie might know.

Anyone watching THE AMAZING RACE? The Wife and I just love that show. Tons of fun. We would lose.

Ok - so the Bee Keepers. I know - you need a moment to pick yourself up. Go ahead - get the giggles out of you. Lets discuss a few things that are just Wrong when it comes to the bee keeper couple who got ***SPOILER ALERT*** booted off.

Wrong #1 - the hair. OMG.
Wrong #2 - the tye-die shirts. Yes, I have a couple of them - but made with the kids during a summertime crafty project and now used when either excessively sweating or just hiding from the world in the house. I DONT WEAR THEM ON TELEVISION.
Wrong #3 - and here's the biggie folks: That Baywatch style run up the stairs and to the luggage. Was she, in fact, wearing a bra? I DONT THINK SO. Move over Pam Anderson - BeeKeeper Babe is steppin' in! Holy Yikes. *scrubbie shakes his head. My eyeballs hurt.

Again I say...

Holy Yikes.


Sue said...

So glad I can follow your musings now that I've linked you up to my blog!! Agree 100% on the Amazing Race!!

Joni said...

Hi, just dropped in to see your site, and wow your layouts look great!!! I'll be back!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I LOVE heritage layouts, and this one is fantastic!