Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still going and going and going and going....

Scrubs & Scrubettes - How are ya'll doin??

Scrubbie's gotta start off here by sayin' HAPPY BIRTHDAY to his scrappie pappie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP! The old fella turns 71 today! Can you imagine? See all that grey hair (or lack thereof...)? Yep - Scrubbie's fault. *grin

Dad - don't worry - God's gettin' me back. The Kid - your grandscrubbie - Yep... he's makin' the silver strands come on fierce here. (Could be lack of happy pills. Could be the lunatic dog. Could be Hurricane Rona. REALLY could be Hurricane Rona. Pretty sure it's the Kid.) Anyway - again: Happy Birthday Pop from all the Scrubbie clan. Love ya.

So - what else to tell ya. Hmmmm....

Well - how does this grab your knickers: The Wife - she goes a' swimmin' couple of times a week. Goes with the older gals. Makes her feel like a kid. Anyway... does the exercise thing in one of the local pools. So - Mamma Lou - The Wife's mom - says to wife today "Hey did you see the sign?"
"What sign" asks wife.
"The sign in the shower area" says Mamma Lou.
"Nope" says wife.

Ya'll might just wanna brace yourself for this one. Scrubbie's warnin' ya up front.

Mamma Lou says "the sign that said 'Ladies, please dont pee in the shower.' "

All together now: EEEEWWWWWWWWW.

Yep - that has visions in my head that are just not right. Not one little bit.

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