Thursday, October 2, 2008

Survivor: Class 701

I survived!

It was WET and COLD. But, I survived! Phew.

Scrubbie's kid - his class... well, while hangin with the Teach for a few minutes today during one of the breaks, I mentioned that there appear to be a few demon children in amongst the crowd. My boy being one of them. The Teach concurred saying that the kid's class ALREADY has the reputation of being the "challenging" class this year. Yep. "Challenging". You know what that means, don't ya? It means that my kid and all his punk friends in class 701 are absolute pains in the ass. There - I've said it. LOL! After spending 6 glorious hours in the wee darlin's company... I can definitely see that. As I told the Teach - "I'd love to say the kid is any different at home - but, no. He isn't." Good luck Teachers!

Survivor Gabon: SPOILER ALERT! So - "Sugar" (who names their kid Sugar? I mean... c'mon!) Anyway - Sugar found the Immunity Idol. LOL. Oh - this is gonna be good. hehehehe.

Oh - Knight Rider update: ARE YOU SERIOUS? This show is just about one of the worst things EVER! Yes, I admit - the car is WAY KEWL. I want it. I drool over it. I'm a guy. Whaddya want? And the bikini parade on yesterday's episode... OK, I can see it. I appreciate it. Saved me 10 bucks at the local variety store on a dirty magazine. But... NO. Thumbs are way down here.

And, last on the TV listings: We Canucks are being treated to another Federal Election coming up soon. Tonight - the goofs are on TV doing their debate. These people are not the sharpest sticks in the forest. The problem is - it reminds me of watching Charlie Brown cartoons from years ago when the youngsters would speak to their teacher, Mrs. Krobopple (or whatever her name was) and you would never actually hear the words; only "wah-wah-wahhh". Ya - it's kinda like that.

Hey - here's a LO that I am still working on. Have to add a few nibbly-bits to it, but it's comin' along. Excuse me a moment readers. Gotta do an 'aside' here and get Pappa Scrubbies attention. HEY DAD! I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS. Your mom in the middle there... (for you Scrubbie readers - that's Nana Scrubbie when she was a wee thing) ...who is with her? On the left there. And, on the right? Let me know! Thank-you readers. Your patience is appreciated. *grin


Kyra said...

Nice to see a male in scrapper land! I got your link reading Linda's blog(bonscrapatit designs) and was curious. So here I am and Love your stories. You have, thank God, humour!
And not unimportant I think you make very nice layouts, and I love your QP and recipe cards. I am putting you on the blogroll and will send(hopefully)some people your way. Have a very nice day, welcome to the scrappers society, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

My dear Scrubbie I must say I do indeed love to read your blog every so often to see the grandkid and how he's doing, plus the rest of the family but I must say I am a bit jealous as you don't seem to say to much about your out laws. Do you have any? Have we really faded away?