Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Ma'am - did you perhaps lose... a shoe?"

Hey there kids. No, I haven't forgotten about you. No worries there.

Scrubbie's been busy today. Cleaning up the place. Cookin' up a storm. Hangin' with the out-laws and doing some Geocaching. Surviving Hurricane Rona. Oh - so much!!!

Right now, the Wife and I are havin' a bit of a relax in front of the tube, so, gotta make it quick.

But - thought I'd toss up a pic here as a sneak peek into the Scrubbie Cooks segment that I am preparing just for the guys. (oh, c'mon now... you gals have so many gurus out there that'll tell you everything there is to know. But, us boys really see it differently.)

The blog entry title? Yes - there is, of course, a story. And, yes - it involves, as it usually does, Hurricane Rona. More on that later.

Hang tight for now.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I might have found the lost shoe...

Its been bronzed and is on the mantle at the uptown cop shop. They told me it was a "souvenir" of some wacky lady, on some wacky night...
just sayin...