Friday, October 3, 2008


Hiya boys & girls!

Well, Scrubbie's all on his own right now. The kid is over at Bing & Bongs. The Wife is scrappin' up North. Just me and the lunatic dog.

I LOVE IT! hehehehe....

Nah - it'd be way better if the wife was here scrappin' with me. Always is.

Anyway - here is the first of probably what will be a few layouts puttin' down the Pond study at the Conservation area here with the kid and all his punk friends (you know - the demon class I mentioned yesterday...) I snapped a whackload of pics. Most of them crappy as they usually are. YEAH digital cameras! Now I can snap 800 pictures to get the 5 or 6 that turn out half decent. Course, I could always learn to use the damnd thing properly. But - I'm a guy. And, as you know - we guys tend to much prefer to just grab hold and away we go. Forget the instructions! Just slows me down. *grin.

Now - if I could just find those darn'd instructions - then maybe we'd get somewhere.

Readers - 'xuse me for a second for another aside:

WIFE! You are probably grabbin a puter somewhere to check in with your darlin' ol scrub - HERE I AM! Lovin you tons. Missin you tons. The kid just strolled in. Bing and Bong-less. Looks like it's just me and him tonight. Sweet smell of bleach is lingerin' in the kitchen. Miss me? Looney bucket hasn't come downstairs all night. TTYL.

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ziggle said...

hey! i found your comment on the freebie and i had to stop by and check out your blog! i'm so glad you're representing! i know quite a few guys who scrap and won't admit it. thanks so much again and i hope to see your around the orchard!!