Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scrubbie's gonna be a dirty boy.

Mornin' kids!

What's this? Scrubbie in the AM - yes, what a treat! But, today I am going to be an escort and I anticipate being tired tonight. Escorting takes it right outa me. You always have to be "on". I mean... you get the call and you never really know what you are in for. Today - I likely have to take on a group of 5. Yes - you read that correctly! Scrubbie has to do 5! What I do know for sure is that it is going to get messy. You know what it's like when a group of 6 (including Scrubbie) guys start gettin' down and dirty. Yes - there'll be pictures. Of course there'll be pictures.

Why are you snickering?

Huh? NO! Not THAT kind of escort! Geez - you people are filthy! (although thanks oodles for the compliment! *grin) I am escorting the Kid and his punk friends from school on a school trip today to the local conservation area for a pond and nature study. Going with the whole class. Me and other loser parents who got sucked into going. Look out Laurel Creek Conservation area - here we come.

Linda is Scrubbie's newest follower. Linda: a big 'ol Scrubbie thanks for your wonderful comments! Good luck meeting the grandbaby! Don't get tricked into a poopy-pant change. Been there, done that... remember! (eeeeeewwwww - I HATED poopy-pant changes. Always thought somethin' crawled up in the kid and died in there. blech!) So - I went to Linda's site which I have included in SCRUBBIE'S BOOKMARKS - link on the sidebar thingy there somewhere). Well worth grabbin' a cuppa somethin and havin' a sit down. Linda - your site is eye candy all around! Thanks for the shout out!

Babies. Hmph. Got me thinkin about the Kid when he was still drying out and nothin' but a newbie.

Look at the hair on the kid. No wonder the Wife had heartburn for 9 months. The poor girl LIVED on soda crackers and lemon-lime slushie/freezie thingies.

But - there he is in all his glory. The kid.

Here's another I did last night. It's a QP by Jayedid Designs but I liked the colours and the layout - so plunked in a couple 'a pics of Hurricane Rona's eldest stuffin' his face with marshmallows at our place. I think he got 5 or 6 of them in his gob before my kid and Hurricane Rona's youngest had to bow out of the Chubby Bunny comp.

So, there it is kids. Now, Scrubbie's gotta go and git the boy ready for school now. Gotta git himself ready as well.



Holly said...

I've been an escort many times myself and it ain't pretty *wink*

Have fun!

Joni said...

Hi,I've given you an award,come visit my blog to pick it up.