Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Was someone having a temper tantrum today?

Helllooooo boys & girls.

So - get a load of this. Just yesterday, it seems, I was changing diapers and gettin' pee'd on. (Always me... sheesh.) Now look at him.

The kid is growin' up way too fast. *sigh

So - the kid has gone out for a while with Bing and Bong to some Church'ish thing. Always has a good time. So, the Wife and I have claimed the engine room here as our own! WOOOOHOOOOO!

Gonna go fix me up a Cafe Mocha. Perhaps a little snack. Somethin' chocolate would just about do the trick. Then - plunk myself in front of the 'ol digi-computer and work on a layout or somethin. The wife is hittin' a crop on the weekend - doing some teaching as well I do believe... so she's got her mitts full with scrappin' stuff as well tonight.

Oh - to the beee-atch at the REAL CANADIAN SUPERSTORE in Kitchener that threw the tissue box at Mamma Scrubbie today and told her to "go to hell"... Ya - you - the one on the self-checkout station. I hope tonight you are lookin' for a new job. And, if I had anything to do with puttin' you in the position to HAVE to look for a new job... GOOD. Ahhhh - that was Scrubbie-licious.

Whoops - Wife just came down to the engine room. Time to go.

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

ROFL!!! Scrubbie, you are a HOOT and a TALENTED scrapper to BOOT!

I'm taking a trip out of town to meet a new grandson who really isn't SO new (15mos), but this will be our first meeting with him and, well, I'm just a WEE bit excited!

Anyhoo, I've been seeing you name on a few scrapping sites I visit and had to come and visit yours!

I think it is AWESOME to see yet another "male" scrapper (that is scrapper now!) and I am going to link you on my blog because I think you are a GREAT read as well as a talented digi-scrapper! I am ALL for GOOD humor and you have PLENTY of that!

Take care and have a FANTABULOUS day here in SCRAPLAND!!!

Linda :)