Thursday, September 11, 2008


What's this? A second Scrubbie post? Aren't we lucky!

Seriously kids... I know there are a lot of readers from Canada and the US visiting and the day can't go by without Scrubbie taking a moment to acknowledge what Sept 11th means to us in North America.

Weird, eh - some whacko's fly planes into buildings. Who the hell does that anyway? Frack.

Forget the planes for a moment. While I cant provide a moment of silence for our American neighbours and anyone reading this blog who may have been directly touched by 9/11... I can at least do the next best cyber thing... and provide a moment of blank space.

Please know that from one tiny, insignificant guy in smalltown Canada - thoughts and prayers are always with you.

If anyone reading was touched by 9/11 - I'd be very interested in hearing your story. Shoot me off a message. Cheers and lets all pray for peace.

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