Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Need a hand?" You'll get the joke in a moment.

Evening boys & girls. It's your Uncle Scrubbie here once again.

So much to tell you. I'll try to just provide highlights.

First - the bro-in-law, JR, joined the gym I have been going to. Went tonight with him. It was great! Good to have a bud to go along with. AFterwards - off to Timmies (for you non-Canucks - local coffee hangout) for a chat and a steamy beverage. Held off the goodies though. Didn't want to ingest the calories I just sweated my wibbly-wobblies off burning away only moments before.

Second - update on the weaning off the Happy Pills. Tonight... not so good. Can you feel the panic attack through the screen? Well - let me tell ya... the heart is just a'racing right now. Whoosh. Think I am going to go for a rather chilly night time walk to burn off some of this energy. Can't wait to see what happens when I go on 1/4 dose the day after tomorrow! LOL

Third - the kid came home today all smiles again. Yep - you guessed it... more attention from the fairer sex. The kid had an ace up the sleeve though. Took his prosthetic hand to school today and anytime you can remove one of your limbs at will... well, let's just say you are the life of the party. Again - little father & son time tonight.

Fourth - the wife and the kid kinda had it out tonight over bedtime issues. So, family meeting tomorrow at dinner time. The wife and I are going to lift the veil of the 9pm bedtime and turn responsibility over to the kid - with guidelines of course. We are both feelin' pretty good about it. We'll see how it goes.

Lastly - wanted to throw a couple of layouts up for your viewing pleasure. This time... paying homage to the gents who provide the examples for me being a dad. Two feller's - my dad and my dad-in-law. Both are pretty good chaps. Best part - they both "get" my 3-hour guideline. What's that you ask? Remind me to blog it another time. You'll get a smile out of it. And probably agree.

Nighty Night kids.

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