Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby Val

Morning bloggies. Did you all sleep well last night?

Saturday morning and feelin' fine. I started this yesterday with the intention of finishing the layout in time to close out Mamma Scrubbie's birthday celebrations - but, as you may have read yesterday, I went to see Babylon A.D. (reminds me... I have to go and get rent a tux for Vin's Academy award for this movie. Maybe not.) Boys & girls - Mamma Scrubbie as a diaper clad cutie-pie! Hope you dinner last night was great Ma!

BTW - Geek... if you are reading this... I really did enjoy myself last night. But, as we discussed, this was a weird flick.

So kids - looks like Scrubbie is donning his spandex and hitting the gym this morning, then doing the superman change into Geocaching geekboy and head out Rockwood (local community for you non locals...) to meet up with the other cache geeks. Hurricane Ike is supposed to grace us with some rain later today. I'll just wear my rubber clothes - it's all good. (Scrubbie sings to himself "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy...)

Now you have that song stuck in your head, don't you. *grin

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Geek said...

As I told you by car, that movie has really deep existential themes! They must have worked on that script for years and been channeling Nietzsche for guidance!

Sigh. I saw the clip with the skidoos, thought of Vin's other action movies and figured it'd be a great movie to watch and turn off the old brain. It was okay for other reasons, but definitely not going to grace my video collection. Shoulda gone to Death Race ;-)

Thanks for tagging along ...