Friday, September 12, 2008

Scrubbie brings you advice and wisdom. All hail Scrubbie.

Well Well...

So boys & girls... it's your Uncle Scrubbie here once again bringing you valuable public service announcements.

1. Always use a condom when gettin' jiggy with it. Play Safe. Stay Safe.
2. Wash your hands after goin' to the loo. If you don't - that's just icky.
3. Save yourself 10 bucks ($50 if you include popcorn and a drink) and don't go see Babylon A.D. I know, I know - you are wanting a synopsis to justify my brash and bold statement here. Really? C'mon - just trust Scrubbie and wait until Christmas when it comes out on DVD. At least that way, you can pull out a bevvie from the chill chest and take the pain of the movie away.

However, Computer Geek and I had a good time none-the-less. We always have a bit of a giggle when we go and hang out together. I think I drive him sorta insane. As Geek and I have discussed many times before... I am the "devil-on-the-shoulder" cartoon character that whispers in his ear..."Go ahead and DO IT". hehehehe.

So kids - tomorrow, I will be puttin' on the geek outfit and headin' out for a Geocaching day. Yep - me and a hundred or other so cachers are all going to a big 'ol caching event held yearly in the area. Went last year. The wife still hasn't forgiven me for that one. She ain't coming this year.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for our area is pretty nasty - lots and lots of rain. Being over 40 - I really dont like that. So... if it is really crappy out - I just might be staying home with the wife and kid and doing house stuff all day. I am very sure there'll be a bit of scrappin' in there somewhere too!

That's a Friday night wrap kids. Cheerio!

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