Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rushes Restaurant. Or maybe it should be Riches.

Another amazing day with the wife! So we started the celebrations today with Brunch out. Fancy Schmancy place - The Waterloo Inn... Rushes restaurant. Holy frack - the food was amazing. But... (here comes the cheap bugger comment...) $21 for brunch! Sheesh. Had my mom & dad there, the wife, the kid and me - total bill $106.00. Crichey! It was REALLY good though. Anyway... from there, came back home. The wife ran downstairs to do a little scrappin. Found out she won a sketch contest! Check out her blog and see! CONGRATS HONEY!

I ran out with the Bro-In-Law, JR, and took him to the Gym I go to. He had a little tour and we did a real quick workout. Bit of a bro to bro chat. It was good.

Home again and off we all went to our friends place - the Beeksma's! (Her blog is linked here too somewhere I think. "All About Love") Well - let me tell ya... the Judester and her DH (like the online scrap-speak there?) they have dolled up there place really nice - made it very Autumnal - beeuteeful orange, gold, greens everywhere. It really is nice. And then - more food!!!!! Judy and her hubby, the earlobe suckler, put out a spread of roast beef, ham, every root veg imaginable, this onion bread that Judy made - it is insanely good! When you go to her blog - ask her to email you the recipe!!!!! Trust Scrubbie here bloggers - it is so worth the effort of an electronic tap on the shoulder. Gravy, beverages, strawberry-rhubarb pie, ice cream, more bevvies. mmmmmmmmmmmm. And that pretty much sums it up.

Enough writing. Closing out the day today 20 lbs heavier and with another layout of the kid. This one, pic taken in Sept 2006 when he was just starting Grade 5. Enjoy!

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