Monday, September 8, 2008

Yes, I'm a "Mathie"

Hey kids. So, while continuing to browse some digi-sites, there was this post about "sweet spots" of design, otherwise known as "the rule of thirds". (go ahead and google it... blah blah blah)

I was inspired by the mathematics of this design principle and put together this layout tonight that features a couple of the kids' punk friends from up the street. I really get a 'woohoo' out doing monochromes. Just love the whole black & white thing. Whaddya think?

On another note - and food related of course... went to a restaurant this afternoon with Hurricane Rona. Who is this you ask? Well, IT is our dear friend whom the wife and I have known forever. Well - FEELS like forever. Hurricane Rona - well... too much to write tonight. Suffice to say that the name Hurricane Rona pretty much sums her up. Anyway... the restaurant. I went with Hurricane Rona today to this place called The Rude Native in the good ol' hometown here. Wow. Yes, whine whine whine about the prices. But, the food. Zoinks - it was good. And I mean really good. Had Chicken Schwarma - a grilled wrap filled with spicy chicken breast chunks, pineapple and a whack of other stuff including this amazing seasoned mayo. Dang - it was mighty fine. Appetizer was this encrusted goat cheese with cranberries and citrus greens served with crustini. I worked my arse off at the gym yesterday to burn off a day filled with heaven and there I was today putting it all back in again. Frack. Oh well. I was a happy boy.

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