Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OMG - It's a Black Hole!

Kids - Whassup? It is Gal-darn'd cold outside right now! Blech. So the wife and I have cuddled up. Done a little scrappin'. Drinking some hot tea. Basking in the glow of a warm TV screen. ahhhh.

Want to see a couple of layouts? Okie Dokie - here they are:

Isn't she cuuuute!? Our lunatic dog, Sashi. As you go 'round the circle of photos - you see her at 9 weeks old - the first day we got her, and then pics taken just recently: Sashi, 3 years later. She is just a darlin'.

And then this one. LOL! Yes, today the science geeks fired up the whiz-bang machine to see if they can figure out what happened oh so many years ago. The Big-Bang theory. KABOOM - and there we were. For those of you who are STILL coming out of the primordial ooze - the news is abundant with the possibility that when the experiment actually gets underway - couple of weeks still - there is a small chance that a Black Hole will be created and the earth will collapse into it - getting sucked in and bye bye you and me. If you are worried about this - allow Uncle Scrubbie to put you at ease. IT WONT HAPPEN! Even if a black hole appears, it'll fizzle out almost instantly. Just in case I am wrong though - it has been tons of fun blogging for you all. See you in the next life. Honey... that horrible smell in the basement the other day... it wasn't the dog. Sorry, I lied.

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