Monday, September 8, 2008

FREEBIE! Recipe Card - Banana Bread

I had quite a few folks talk about the Banana Bread recipe that I posted a while back.

While cruising a couple of foodie sites and a couple of digiscrappin' sites - I thought it might be a good idea to try putting together recipe cards rather than a full blown layout. So I did.

These are formatted out as 7x5" for printing, but you could always drop them down to 6x4" if you prefer. The idea is: there are two cards that can be printed (cheaply too 'cause of their size) at the printing depot of your choice or even printed at home I suppose. One card is 'title-ish' and the other one is 'instructions-ish'. They could go in your average everyday brag book for portability, or into those good 'ol magnetic page albums for easy wiping up in the kitchen.

Let me know what you think. I will try doing a couple more and see how it all works out.

For the moment - if you want a copy of the recipe cards - I have prepared them as a Digital Freebie! Woo Hoo! Just click on the link below and grab them! Cheers!

Click HERE to get them.

OR - you can click on the image and then just right click to save to your computer. I left them as LARGE images. Your choice.

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cjpeterson38 said...

Thanks, I love banana bread! It's almost as good as zucchini bread.
Zucchini is so good because it is so cheap and plentiful!