Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Choices, Choices.

So - Hurricane Rona was over today. I am still recovering.

Scrubs who have been reading for a while will know that Hurricane Rona has been our longest and dearest friend. And, really, God only knows why. We love her to bits. Anyway - Hurricane Rona wants the Wife and Scrubbie to go with her to see a psychic. We told Hurricane "No - we dont' want to spend money to go and see a psychic." Truth is - I barely know what's happening 'round here normally - why on earth would I want to know about what hasn't happened yet. So - Hurricane replies by telling us that she knows this psychic who charges 3/$25. Yes - that's 3 people; twenty-five dollars.

The Wife and I look at each other and start to laugh.

"3/$25! Are you kidding?" Any psychic who charges 3/$25 CANNOT be anything but whacko! Hurricane Rona suggests that it sounds pretty reasonable. True enough. BUT - and this is where Scrubbie's warped mind goes to work... I suggest to Hurricane Rona that you DO in fact get what you pay for. "Whaddya mean?" she asks Scrubbie. Scrubbie says - "Well, look at this way - would you rather get a $5 hooker or somethin' a little, ummmm, more?"

Hurricane Rona thought for a moment. We are now NOT going to see the 3/$25 psychic.

Logic. It's a wonderful thing.

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