Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yes, we're good parents. Honest! *evil grin

Whoops - almost forgot to give you my other layouts.

The first is the second in the WHY CHILDREN GROW UP HATING THEIR PARENTS series. It's the Kid when he was just a wee fart. Tell me what other Dad hasn't done this. *snicker

Yes - we plunked a football helmet on the Kid and watched it slide down over his pudgy little bod. hehehehe. You can practially see the "what the hell is going on" expression on his face, can't you.

The second for you tonight (aren't you lucky!) is RAT DOG.

Couple 'a days ago, the lunatic dog went a'rompin in the yard and I don't know what she was rolling in - but eeeeeewwwwwwwww - she came out smellin' somethin' fierce! Helluva pong. Anyway - up to the tub she went. (Way beyond simply Febreezing the beast)

When she comes out of the tub - she's always a happy pup - runs around like her tail's on fire - but, does look quite a sight. Scraggly, spikey - just hysterical. And, being the LOVING parents we are, we laugh our arse's off and call her Rat Dog.

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