Saturday, September 27, 2008

Digi-dubble. Hey - how do I trademark that phrase?

Zowie - where the heck did Friday go? 12:37 Saturday morning right now. But, still wide awake.

The Wife and I did some Couple's Scrappin tonight. It was deeelightful. Tomorrow, the 'ol dear is off to a crop with all her paper-pals for the day. So, looks like the Kid and I will be hangin' out. Bing and Bong will be here, no doubt. Likely punk friend Matt. Oh - and the Kid brought home a new punk bud - Dan. Dan "The Man", as the kid says. I have a feeling I am going to have to listen to the kid try and convince me that Bing, Bong, punk Matt and Dan the Man should ALL crash in Scrubbie's basement tomorrow. Yech. 12 year old boys dont smell all that great at the best of times. Can you imagine how much smelly spray I'll have to use if I end up with 5 of them all crashing out here. Ain't gonna happen Kid. Sorry.

So - on to the Layouts. Many to show you! Here's the first. It's a digi-dubble page. Needed space to do some scribbling.

There was this hypno-stage-comedy guy in town here a few years ago and one of the local radio stations, KOOL FM, had a call in. I called in. And, before I knew it, there I was. In disgustingly early one morning for a meet and greet with the jockies and Jerry Enns - the hypno guy. Then at 9am we were in the studio and Jerry put us under. Tons of fun. I was fully aware of EVERYTHING that was going on, but it was kind of like I just didn't care. If you can - look at buddy there with the painful look on his face. Ya... he thought he was having a kid. LOL. YOU GO BROTHER!

And now for the next in the countdown series of WHY CHILDREN GROW UP HATING THEIR PARENTS.

Two words: Bunny Ears.

I don't believe I need to say anything else.

My work here is done.

And finally - this one just rocks. I know, I know - it sorta borders on "is this a layout" or just some rockin' hot photo manipulation. Bear with me here. If digi-scrappin, or paper scrappin for that matter, is all about using elements to enhance your photos, tell a story or just to make life a little more interesting - then this fits the bill. The original photo was not great at all. But, a few clicks and presto-whammo - somethin' here that really 'does it' for Scrubbie here. I think this is heading up there for one of my favourite things I have done since I started this digi thing.

Anyway kids - there ya go. Time for a cocktail, pee the dog, kill the lights and say nighty night. Goodnight Gracie.

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