Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Digi Process. The INSIDE SCOOP! Scrubbie style, of course.

So, digital scrapbooking huh. Yes - I do get a bit of a kick out of it.

Whilst taking a bit of time earlier this morning while the boy was gettin' ready for school... (he's back finally after 3 days being sick at home), I was mucking about with a photo and put something together that turned out, I think, pretty good.

For a change, thought that Scrubbie would show you the process and the oodles of fun he has doin' it.

So - started with a photo from last year's Halloween adventure. Here it is.

Not much of anything really. Way overexposed. Can't see anything interesting. And, composition king here didn't bother to consider the taps on the wall in the background.

(Yes - we are asked on a regular basis if they work.) THE TAPS ARE MOUNTED ON A PIECE OF WOOD IN A SUBURBAN HALLWAY PEOPLE! WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Geez. Anyway - needed to fix up this situation. Not the taps. The photo.

On to the next step.

Using our good friend, Photoshop - removed the background. Hid the taps. (still can't believe people ask about them working, can you?).

Also used a filter or two, some colour enhancing, shadow burning and voila - there's the kid now. (Kinda a preview of what he might look like as an acne riddled teen, huh?)

Then - it was time to lay out this photo in a way that was a little nicer to look at than just a creepy lookin kid floating in mid air.

So - went on the interweb thingy and found some pictures that were royalty free. And, using a freebie snagged from Tara Dunston Designs, put a background together that I thought was more apprapo to the pic. Had to do a little blending to make it look like it works - but, in the end, I have a picture that is a bit more fun than the original. Whadda you think?


Crissie said...

Your extraction is awesome! Love the layout. And the next time someone asks if the taps work, you should tell them YES. LOL!

Lizz said...

I think this looks really cool!

Margaret said...


Those taps? Hot and cold running sarcasm, right? I recognize them from myhouse.

curleydesign said...

I think it the tap's are cool you could fix'm so the have reservoir's behind them just to "screw with people" ;). NA just kidding.
Really back to the photo, I think it rock's you defiantly went from ordinary to cool. Do you post on your LO reminds me of some of the artist. If your interested
check out freebies 4U @

Anonymous said...

I must say I'm starting to check in every day to find out what is going in the lives of the scrubbies very interesting mamalou

Scrappinnana said...

Great job!!! Very Very cool looking.