Monday, September 22, 2008

Save The Cheerleader - Save The World

Who'da thunk that a phrase like that would suggest so much, huh?

Yep - the Wife and I are hangin' out in the engine room, scrappin' and getting ready to catch the new season of Heroes. It's all fun!

So - you want a quick 'n easy? (No No - not THAT. You filthy monkees...) No... Mandy Doolittle at The Shabby Pumpkin has a few Quick Pages that are fun to play with. Mandy shot me a little note the other day, so thought I'd check out the site and snag a freebie while there. There ya go Mandy - Scrubbie's play on your QP! Thanks!

Hey - by the way... check this out:

Zachary Quinto in Heroes as Sylar:

And, as SPOCK in the new Trek movie in '09:

How kewl is that!

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Designed by K said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
You're only the 2nd guy I know who scraps :)
I think it's cool! I'm gearing up on my end for Heroes here I LOVE THAT SHOW!! Have a great day and keep scrappin hun :)