Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This one's for you Mamma Scrubbie!

Hooray! Scrubbie's mommy is gonna be happy!

heheheh. Seriously - found some pics of my nephew Zachary.
Boys & girls - this is a Wild Child. The boy is a bundle of energy. And, cute as hell.

The pics are from our Summerbash Family Reunion Picnic back in 2006. The LO - well, I kinda cheated here. *blush. It's a QuickPage from "TrueFaith". But - couldn't resist using it. It was a great background for the pics.

QuickPages: think of it this way... With Jell-O brand Instant Pudding - you add milk, mix it up, plunk it in the chill chest for 5 mins and voila - yummy, delicious pudding. Even though it's instant - doesn't take away from the pudding deliciousness of it all. Kinda the same thing.

MMMMMM - pudding.

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