Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey kids.

NO BLT pics yet! Scrubbie's sad. C'mon boys & girls - be brave and take a picture of your BLT sandwich and send it to me! You are looking for an incentive, aren't you? Alright, alright - how about this: EVERYONE who sends me a picture of their BLT sandwich will recieve a digital autographed picture of me - Scrubbie! Yes, it's true. Now - go and make toast!

Ok. Now on to the news of the day. First - early day at the Gym today. Not much more to say there. Second - the Wife and Hurricane Rona went out for dinner together tonight! I was very afraid. But, the ol' girl returned home to me intact. Phew. Third - looks like the Kid's punk friend Matt is going to be a sleepover regular. The lad enjoyed dinner with the Kid and I tonight and plans are underway to come over tomorrow night for an eve of fun and festivites.

Today, I was having fun with the Halloween layouts. I showed you the first earlier. The second one here is from last year when I dressed up and hung out in the garage with a fog machine, music, lighting, plasma ball, candles, blood dripping from mirrors. And that was just for Christmas. Nah - just joshin' ya. It was Halloween. Any of the neighbourhood brats that wanted candy had to come and see me. Bwaaa-haaa-haaa. Good times. ahhhh.

I also did up another page today while watching the premier of Survivor:Gabon tonight. (Don't get me started on that tonight - Scrubbie's gotta hit the sack at some point. JR wants me to meet me at the gym tomorrow morning at 6am again.) Anyway - did up a layout featuring Mommie Scrubbie and Papa Scrubbie. They so cute! hehehehe. Background and elements by Portuguese designer Carola Mondini.

I tell ya, every now and then it's just great to do a digiscrap layout that looks very traditional. Kinda like a warm cuppa tea.

Hey Ma - I got a hankerin' for some lunch with you very soon! Chinese would be tasty. Whaddya think?

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