Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You want me to do ... what?

Hey kids - I posted a pick earlier of the new punk friend Matt - and finally finished the LO to go with it. Here he is, again.

Actually - have done 2 LO's this evening. Running with a mono-simple thing right now. I am liking it.

However - gotta stretch, right? So - have to and find a pic that I can goof around with on the page.

Mamma Scrubbie was over today for a bit and reminded me that I don't have much in the way of my OTHER Niece and Nephew up here. Well, went digging and I don't really have many pics of the two brats. But, did find a couple, so maybe I'll try tinkerin' around with them. Scrubbie'll keep you posted, of course!

And, now: it's SCRUBBIE SANDWICH Time!

Yes - SCRUBBIE SANDWICH is a little feature that shares what Scrubbie LOVES: Sandwiches. (The wife is gigglin' right now, aren't ya hunny!) Today's Scrubbie Sandwich is... (drum roll please) - The BLT. MMMMM - Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. Whole Wheat toast, mayo, crunchy iceberg lettuce, little salt, little pepper. GAWD - how can you go wrong!!! Don't get cheap on me either - forget that Low Salt bacon stuff. Blech! Now... serve that up, cut on the diagonal (of course) with some 'tater chips (yummy, salty, ripply 'tater chips) and a wedge of dill pickle. *scrubbie sings: "Heaven... I'm in Heaven..."

All I ask is that you consider whipping up a good BLT tomorrow. Go'on... have it for dinner! And, when you do... lift a glass of milk and say CHEERS for me!

Hey - take a picture of your BLT and send it to me!!!!!!! You'd have a happy pappy right here!

For those of you with spouses, partners, friends, parents, sibs or even pets: Caution! Taking a photograph of your sandwich and/or your spouse, partner, friend, parents, sibs or even pets with their sandwich can be a little weird.

Freak 'em out - and do it anyway. Send your sammie pics here:


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